Professionalism - Extensive trainings for all Andaz staff on a regular basis and experience have been educating us that professional ethics, behavior habits and vocational skills are the fundamental elements to succeeding in maximize the profits and interests of our clients.

  • 12 years experience in industry

  • Delivery of more than 10 thousand trucks and trailers to Africa

  • Face-to-face communication to support clients on their concerns

  • Each request from our clients is our top priority


Custom-Made Solution - We have the capacity for every type of vehicle and application. Our broad range of technical know-how combined with enlarging experience provides the highest level of client satisfaction.

  • Customized vehicles design according to clients’ requirements

  • Many choice on brands, loading capacity and power

  • Modification of vehicles parts against clients’ special purposes


Competitive Pricing - We provide quality-products at competitive prices as well as service excellence that visibly contribute to our clients’ value-adding activities.

  • Always cheaper price in market for the same product

  • Our business is always a priority with best-standard products

  • Decreasing clients’ expenditure on vehicles and equipment


Timely Delivery - We promise timely response, timely action, timely reporting to our clients, based on their requirements. Above all, we do everything meaningful to guarantee a timely delivery of product, services and solutions to save our clients’ time-spending cost.

  • Timely response and quick interaction with clients

  • Deliver products  in the shortest time as possible

  • Work on proposals promptly to solve clients’ needs

  • Save clients’ non-operational time


Optimized Logistics Support - Strong links of logistics network not only across China but also the globe ensure us the outstanding capacity to carry the product safe and sound to our clients in a time-efficient and cost-efficient way.

  • Reduction of cost and risk for clients by optimizing logistics support

  • Smarter and safer shipping methods are always used

  • Deliver products timely with top quality and full quantity

  • Well-thought logistics optimization for our clients


Flexible Payment Structure - We can finance heavy-duty trucks and trailers, light trucks and commercial trucks, with competitive rates and flexible payment terms.

  • Many types of finance to support our clients

  • T/T and L/C are our common practice

  • Usance L/C is acceptable if necessary

  • Competitive rates can save our client much financial cost


After-Sales Services - Our commitment to ongoing full-package after-sales services guarantees the highest level of expertise in every job that we do. Our customers are assured, as we firmly believe in efficiency as the foundation for providing quick and friendly assistance to those we service, their vehicle and equipment are continuously in the best hands in after-market.

  • Timely supply of spare parts on quarterly basis

  • On-site engineering inspection and maintenance services on request

  • Technical communication between clients and our engineers to improve the satisfaction

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