Company profile


Registration number: 3201996000

ID number: SI97154032

Date of registration: 1. 7. 2007

Office building: Verovskova 55

ZIP: 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Director: Zlatan Randelovic MSc

Who we are

SINOGAR was registered in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2007, with core business of providing technology solutions in auto-motive industry. It is a proud member of Andaz Group.

Our Mission

  • Sinogar is dedicated to shaping the future of electric mobility with advanced, high quality, reliable and smart electric drive solutions with superior performance that will increase the attractiveness of using electric vehicles in daily urban transportation.

  • Our customers are using our professional support for complete electric drive solutions to increase attractiveness of their electric vehicle products for the end users due to premium driving experience with our solutions in electric drives.

  • We do care for the environment and the people, therefore we strive for the sustainable future solutions that increase the quality of living; at the same time, we support professional growth of our employees, encouraging them to express their best creative potential.

  • Focusing on professional service, experience and network, we build a trustful, reliable and long-term partnership with a goal for successful business experience.

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Sinogar - Andaz Group

Brilejeva 14, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 70 867008