• Supply of clean drive technology for existing buses

  • Solution to reduce gas and noise emissions

  • Universal modular product

  • Bus autonomy up to 250km, depending on battery sizes

  • Charging via three-phase electric socket – charger is already in the bus

Applications with Benefits

  • We developed products with our own knowledge which prevents the exhaust emissions of buses from being released into the environment

  • Solution for the existing fleet

  • Reduced the running costs of use and thus the cost of ownership

  • Reduced noise in the environment

  • Environmentally friendly product at the highest technological level

  • The growing need for clean buses with zero emission of exhaust gases

  • Our solution instead of high costs caused by purchasing new electric buses

  • We make buses which are still operational and are far from the end of their lifespan environmentally friendly


The vision of a clean environment brought about an idea to produce universal modular products, that allow a quick and simple change of internal combustion engine with an electric drive.

In-wheel electric motor solution

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